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The Permissive Society

It all began in the "swinging sixties" and with the advent of the Pill.  Suddenly all the "old fashioned" morals and values were cast off in favour of free expression, free love and generally "doing your own thing".  Young people finally broke away from the social and moral shackles which, they thought, had enslaved their parents' and previous generations; beginning a carefree romp through all standards of restraint.

We have now gone past the end of the twentieth century, widely acknowledged as the wreckage of the permissive society.

What has it left us?  The answer is a painful legacy of broken homes, illegitimacy, venereal disease, drug addiction, and AIDS.  The permissive society with all its promise of total liberation has instead led us into insecurity and misery.

We are not offering blame: One of the tragedies of the present situation is that many people are now suffering dreadful diseases through no fault of their own.  Many have also become addicted to drugs, not realising the consequences when they first started to use them.  Indeed many lives have been cut short through the folly of the permissive society.

In contrast the Bible speaks out firmly in favour of man's sexual impulses being satisfied only in the married relationship; where a husband and wife live together faithfully.  Furthermore the Gospel has no place for drugs or the gross indulgences of the permissive society.

God cares for his creation enough to save them from their own folly and if people who come to Him have already fallen short of His holy standards then he will forgive offering peace of mind and the hope of everlasting life in His glorious kingdom.  Of course we must accept his terms; but remember, "His yoke is easy and His burden is light".  (Matthew 11:30)

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